701-359 CNH A ELBOW,90 Degree Elbow, 1-11/16" - 12 Male ORFS x 1-11/16" - 12 Female ORFS

701-359 ELBOW,90 Degree Elbow, 1-11/16" - 12 Male ORFS x 1-11/16" - 12 Female ORFS CNH A

Buy CNH A ELBOW,90 Degree Elbow, 1-11/16" - 12 Male ORFS x 1-11/16" - 12 Female ORFS 701-359 genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery
721G, 921E ELBOW
Cross Reference number:
84989414 as SUPERCEDED
Number on catalog scheme: 13

Compatible models:


CNH A machinery list:

CNH A parts catalog
921E WHEEL LOADER TIER 3 (NA/EU) (2/07-12/11)
721G WHEEL LOADER - TIER 4B (EU) (11/16-)

Parts elbow CNH A :

221-412 ELBOW,90 Degree, 1/4"-27, NPT
1700-SERIES, 1835, 1845S, 33S, 680CK, DH5, W18, W18B, W20
356559A1 ELBOW
580LE, 580LPS, 580LSP, 580M, 580SLE, 580SM, 590LSP, 590SLE, 590SM, CB620
221-1403 ELBOW,45 Degree, 3/8"-18, NPT
500, 680CK, 680E, 680G, W8B, W9B
85802961 ELBOW,13/16"-16 UN-2A x 7/8"-14 UNF-2A
1150M, 570ST, 570T, 580N, 580SN, 580SR, 580ST, 580T, 590SN, 590SR, 590ST, 695SM, 695SR, 695ST
222-44 ELBOW,90 Degree, 9/16"-24 Fem x 1/8"-27 NPTF
680CK, W7E, W8B, W8C, W8E, W9B, W9C, W9E
218-5124 ELBOW,90 Degree Elbow, 1-5/16" - 12 Male JIC x 1-1/16" - 12 Male ORB
35, 35S, 40XT, 450, 450A, 460, 480C, 480D, 480F, 580C, 580D, 580F, 580G, 580K, 580LE, 580LPS, 580LSP, 580SLE, 590LSP, 590SLE, 621B, 621C, 680CK, 680E, 680G, 721B, 721C, 865B, 885B, DH4, DH4B
76086167 ELBOW
TX1055, TX130, TX130-30, TX130-33, TX130-40, TX130-43, TX130-45, TX140, TX140-43, TX140-45, TX170, TX170-45, TX742, TX842, TX945
72957011 ELBOW
CX20B, CX22B, CX26B, CX27B, CX30B, CX31B, CX35B, CX36B, CX39B
221-401 ELBOW,45 Degree, 1/8"-27, NPT
1150B, 1700-SERIES, 1835, 1835B, 1845S, 35, 35S, 450B, 455B, 580CKB, W18, W18B, W20, W7E, W8E, W9E
87317923 ELBOW
CX135SR, CX210, CX230
500348306 ELBOW
327B, 330B, 335B, 340, 340B
84989413 ELBOW,90 Degree, 1 7/16"-12 ORFS x 1 7/16"-12 Fem Sw
1021F, 1021G, 1121F, 1121G, 2050M, 221F, 321F, 570ST, 570T, 580N, 580SN, 580ST, 580T, 590SN, 590ST, 695ST, 721F
SBA135617440 ELBOW
410, 420, 420CT, SR150, SR175, SV185
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